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2022 FIFA WC : Brazil coach Adenor Leonardo Bacchi AKA Tite is not underrating Cameroon

Apr 4, 2022
Adenor Leonardo Bacchi

Brazilian coach Adenor Leonardo Bacchi, commonly known as Tite– wants to approach the group stage of the World Cup with a lot of lucidity.

Even his side is currently comfortably seated in the leader’s seat in the March FIFA rankings, Tite believes it would be a mistake to underestimate the opponents of the Brazilian team.

If Switzerland and Serbia look dangerous, the coach is especially wary of Cameroon, who came third at the 2021 AFCON.

“We are talking here about Switzerland and Serbia, teams that beat Italy and Portugal (during the European zone qualifiers). And we also have the Cameroon team, which is very strong in the African terrain,” Tite said in an interview with the Brazilian channel SportTV.

For him, nothing is decided in advance in this group G of the World Cup.


“I saw a game of Switzerland in Italy, they lead 1-0 at the start and almost took the lead at 2-0 but were equalized. It was a world-class game. We will need to play at a high level. I am not able to say for sure what the difference in level is between the South American and European teams. What I can say is that eight months before the start of the World Cup is a long time, and we will have to be ready at the right time, ”he said.