20th may

Barrister Akere Muna has called on the Government of Cameroon to reveal the budget for the Labour day (may 1st) and National day (20th may) celebrations which have all recently been cancelled for this year due to the deadly COVID-19

According to the 2018 presidential candidate and the Chairman of the International Anti-Corruption Conference Council, the budgeted funds could be converted to bonuses to use in the fight against Covi-19 which has costed the lives of over 43 Cameroonians with over 1,163 people currently infected

Read https://factstv.cm/africa-will-arise-time-is-now-plo-lumumba/

May 1st & May 20th National Day celebrations cancelled this year. The budget for these celebrations should be disclosed in all #transparency. Savings could be converted into bonuses for our frontline health workers. We must recognize the sacrifices they are making! #Covid19Cmr