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7 Types Of Women You Should Avoid Dating.

Apr 18, 2022

lets look at the 7 types of Women You Should Avoid Dating.

Being in a relationship with the one who loves you unconditionally is the most beautiful things to happen to a person. But it seems that the meaning of relationship has been changed over the years. These days, people have become materialistic and demand worldly things from their relationship. Every person finds some qualities in their partners for better compatibility and a happier relationship.


Women who always push a man to spend his money at every point they come in contact shouldn’t be dated by men. This shows that the woman is only concerned about financial gains and give less value to the relationship.

2. Liar:

A woman who consistently tell you untrue things should be avoided. If at all this woman values you, she will tell you the truth of the things about herself.

3. Chronic flirt

Although it is normal for women to mingle or relate with guys. However, a woman who flirts excessively with your male friends or even with different kinds of men may not be advisable for you to enter into a relationship with.

4. Materialistic woman

Women who give much attention to the things they can get rather than building their relationship shows that they are only with you just because of the material things such as clothes, bag, shoes, phones etc that they can get from you.

5. Women who are fond of saying”what is mine is mine”

The woman you are dating is expected to share what she has with you and assist you with whatever you need, that is if she has it. However, a woman who is only concerned about you giving her things or gift is not a real woman

6. Insecure type of woman:

A woman who always feels insecure when she sights you with another woman isn’t good for you. She gets jealous every time she sees you with a woman not minding whatever reasons that made you have contact with the other woman.

7. I am not ready

Any woman who tells U Dat she isn’t ready or prepared whenever U propose to her doesn’t worth your time. If she truly values U and wnt you in her life whatever U do matters to her and she should b ready to say yes to U whatever time you deem it fit to propose.

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