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8 Types of Girls A Guy Usually Dates Before Meeting His True Love

Jun 29, 2020

Experience is good,’ is the general opinion around, but is it good in terms of dating? Yes, it is. While going through loads of women before landing in the land of coupledom may be a particularly mind-boggling experience, it does give you the option of looking back on those dates and to truly understand what qualities you search for in your partner. Let’s go through the different kinds of women you may come across on your road to true love.

1. The Girl Who Was Your First Crush

This is the girl you usually meet in school during your teenage years and let me warn you now; it usually ends up in heart-break. She was the one who made you realize that there was more to school than just books and football. She made you lose focus on your studies and made you bunk your first class. She was the one for whom you first started caring about your looks. Then one day (a few months after dating may be) she dumps you or you dump her or maybe you just drift apart with unsaid, but mutual consent.

2. The Girl Who Parties Too Hard

This girl is what you might term ‘The Party Animal.’ She gets seriously wasted at parties and doesn’t even recognize who you are. Then she ends up smooching one of her guy friends in front of you. Her friends are fun, she is fun, but then you find yourself thinking, are you ready for so much fun?

3. The Girl Who Gossips Too Much

You have had enough interactions with girls to know that most of them love to gossip. However, this particular girl is the ‘mother of them all.’ Her focus is anybody, but you; her friend, your friends, her exes, her ex’s girlfriends and the list goes on. You thought that she would leave the gossips out of your dates for her ‘girls’ day outs,’ but you couldn’t have been more wrong. You think of dumping her, but then you get scared about what she might be telling people about you after you do: you dump her anyway.

4. The Girl Who’s Too Serious With Life

This kind of girls are usually straight-A students and are involved in all kinds of academic and social service clubs. She barely has time for herself, let alone time to go on a romantic date with you or ask you how your day went. Don’t worry about breaking up with her. She’ll probably make your love story into a short story for her summer English class and gain some extra credits.

5. The Girl Who’s Just Too Beautiful


Yes, your friends told you not to be so shallow and date a girl without brains and compassion and just good looks. Yes, you warned yourself never to go for the prettiest in the bunch, because she would be hard to keep to yourself. However, you still snag her and can’t believe your luck, until you come to the conclusion that the only thing you love about her is her face. It is okay to break up with her, because it is good for both of you in the long-run: relationships based on looks alone seldom last

6. The Girl Who’s Always Jealous

You are walking down a road with your hands in hers and you smile at a middle-aged lady because you are polite that way. She squeezes your hand, works up a frown and asks you if you are into middle-aged women and not her and you just stare at her like “What did I do now?” These kinds of women are usually very possessive and your life ends up being more a prison than one of romantic dinners and fun conversations. They snoop around your home, check your call logs, hack into your face book and mail accounts and even answer your calls without telling you. So, buck up and tell her it’s over before your life turns into a living hell!

7. The Girl Who’s A Full-on Drama Queen

Sure your life is a roller-coaster ride with her beside your; sure you don’t have a second of boredom with her in your life, but you suddenly start missing the days you could just relax and not be emotionally black-mailed into taking her shopping. When you dump her, the scene is too dramatic to put in words, but just to take revenge from you may find her dating the guy next door to you.

8. The Girl Who’s The One

And then ‘She’ comes along; the girl of your dreams; your perfect match. She’s everything you wanted in a life-partner – smart, pretty, humorous and most importantly, your heart beats both faster and slower when you are with her. You want to make her the mother of your kids and even your parents are on board because they can see how happy she makes you. She’s a definite keeper and you gladly forgive and forget all those girls in your past whose only role now seems to have been paving the way for your one true love!

So, if you still haven’t found her, do not lose hope. She may be just around the corner, just waiting to fall in your arms.