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A Kenyan and SouthAfrican pastor claim to have found Jesus and invited him to their churches

Jul 28, 2019 ,

A Kenyan pastor and South African pastor whose name we are still to investigate, has claimed he found Jesus Christ and invited him to preach in his church. according to a twitter user who shared the story. The pastor found Jesus Christ walking on the streets of Kenya. Took the Whiteman to his church, introduced him to his congregation gave him a warm welcome and now his church followers are happy that Jesus has finally come back!

A South African Man also revealed the same on Twitter, while sharing a picture of “Jesus” being invited to their Sunday service

Photos of the Caucasian male speaking to a group of people in what appears to be a church have surfaced on the internet and questions are being asked. According to a Twitter user, @Desaylor1, the yet-to-be-identified Kenyan pastor had the ‘Jesus’ dressed as the biblical version of Christ and had him speaking to his congregation after claiming to have found ‘Jesus’ on the streets of Kenya. Read more: 

If going by the theory of the pastors, it can be said that pastors are in line to make heaven as Jesus has returned to take them and their church members first to heaven. As this ‘Jesus’ tours Africa, it is unclear how long before he claims his righteous followers and the dawn of the anti-Christ will begin.

watch video here

From the video, we could see the Whiteman receiving a warm welcome and dancing in church. it is rumored that after the church services, he proceeded to take photos with the faithfull as selfies of pastors and church members have been seen parading over the internet. while waiting for the story to be fully developed, we will like to hear your thoughts in the comment section

A Kenyan and South African pastor claim to have found Jesus and invited him to their churches