The current captain of the Ghanaian senior national team (Ghana Blackstars) – Andre Dede Ayew has been caught in a viral video sprinkling a white substance on the field before one of Ghana’s crucial matches in the 2021 AFCON.

In this video which has given rise to a hot conversation piece on the internet, Dede was caught in 4D sprinkling something believed to be powder on the field before stepping on the field to train.

Before sprinkling the powder on the field, Dede Ayew first recited some incantations on the touchline before running into the field.

We don’t know the exact idea behind Dede Ayew’s ritual but many Ghanaians have strongly opined that he’s part of the players who use voodoo to destroy their colleagues who pose as threats to their position.

Former Blacstars players, Anthony Annan and Agyemang Badu have also confessed that most Blackstar players are into the serious practice of black magic and it is part of the reason(s) behind the collapse of the senior national team.

watch video below