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”Africa Will Arise! Time is Now!” PLO Lumumba

Apr 16, 2020
''Africa Will Arise! Time is Now!'' PLO Lumumba

”Africa Will Arise! Time is Now!” PLO Lumumba:

Kenyan Former Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and Director of The Kenya School of Laws PLO Lumumba envisions an Africa in which young Africans will have no desire, or need to go to the western world for greener pasture. Read complete text in his message titled ”Africa Will Arise!

For if we put our ups together, we will build a stronger empire than that of Great Zimbabwe, Songhai, Mali, Ghana.

In fifty year’s time, we will have built a modern day empire that will amaze the world, as stated in the agenda 2063.

In this new Empire, when you take a walk across Africa, you will be confronted with another Africa. You will be confronted with a United Africa. An Africa which is prosperous. An Africa based on Inclusive Growth and sustainable development.

You will be confronted with an integrated continent, Politically United, based on the ideals of Pan-africanism and the Vision of Africa’s Renaissance.

You will be confronted with an Africa of Good Governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law.

Africa will be at Peace. It will be so secure that we will no longer import arsenal. There will be no need of bullet proofs.

You will be confronted with an Africa whose young men and women have interest and love for their continent. An Africa whose young men and women have regained their prowess in creating new things, farming, cattle raising and technology. They will have perfected the art of innovation.

An Africa whose young men and women are preoccupied by building the continent. An Africa whose young men and women have innovated a better version of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp. An Africa whose technology is used in America, Germany,Japan and China.

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We will have more Universities in every part of Africa. Universities that will produce engineers that make our roads. You will be confronted with Africa whose IT graduates have invented new phones, fastest internet in the world and robots.

You will be confronted with an Africa which has faith in her doctors. The Arabs, the Europeans and the Americans will be coming to seek top treatment from our Princess Marina Hospital, Life Gaborone Private Hospital, Kenyatta Hospital in Kenya, The Muhimbilis of Tanzania, the Chris Hani Baragwanaths of South Africa and the Mama YYemos of Kinshasa in Zaire or the DRC.These are the doctors who will have perfected the arts of traditional medicine men and women and combined it with modern treatment.

You will be confronted with young men and women who have no dreams to stay in America, Germany, England, China, Japan, France. Young men and women who are no longer humiliated at the embassies of European countries and the United States as they seek the almighty green card.

You’ll be confronted with modern day machines that harvest limitless water from River Congo and use it to irrigate the farms. DRC will be a food and mineral reserve for African industries. Africa will be exporting finished machinery to Europe, America and Asia.

You will be confronted with an Africa where young men and women from Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and Mauritania no longer drown in the Mediterranean as they seek to be enslaved in Europe.

You will be confronted with an Africa whose young men and women have regained their self-pride. An Africa where Africans are proud of their things. An Africa where young men and women feel proud of eating food of African origin.

An Africa where when her young women and men want to enjoy themselves they sing the praises of football teams from Africa. They will be confronted with young men and women who enjoy their theatre, drama and music.

You will be confronted with an Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, values and ethics. An Africa whose development is people-driven. An Africa relying on the potential of African people, especially her women and young people. An Africa that cares for her children.

Mandela’s wish for South Africa will be a Living reality. The country will cherish the ideal of a democratic and free society.All persons in South Africa, regardless of their color, will be living together in harmony and with equal opportunities for all.

You will be confronted with South Sudan where the Nuer and the Dinka are living in harmony. They will be mining and exporting the vast natural resources in their land. Eritrea will have settled.Central Africa Republic will be living in peace.

Botswana’massive savannah and grasslands will be a hub of modern dairy bred by Africans. Botswana will be a leading exporter of meat and milk. Young men and women from Botswana College of Agriculture would have invented breeds of cattle that are disease resistant and highly productive.

You will he confronted with Botswana which is a haven for wildlife and the largest attraction of tourists. The number of elephants will have doubled because no one will be poaching on them..

You will be confronted with a strong Africa. An influential global player and partner.

And because of these achievements, the narrative of Africa will change!Thabo Mbeki said and so I say unto you that the evolution of humanity says that Africa reaffirms that she is continuing her rise from the ashes.Whatever the setbacks of the moment, nothing can stop us Now!! Thank you.