After sex goes dirty between Tenor and Nabila

Tenor Ebangflang and Nabila Rodriguez have currently been seen together and so close. while some fans suspected the two were going out together, many were of the opinion that they were only having fun during their video shoot. Apparently Tenor and Nabila in the course of their being so close, One thing led to another and another led to another. It appears they have been fighting inbox until Nabila took to her facebook page and called out Tenor for threatening her. This is what she wrote…

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Sorry if I talk here but it’s really not my habits. I really avoid answering provocations and especially talking about the things that happen inbox. But this time I’m sorry but I can’t take it anymore.. Tenor Ebanflang this is my last warning, I did it by the message but I prefer to have witnesses. I hope I don’t have to do with you again. You like to threaten people off but know it was the potato that wanted us to eat it raw. I don’t walk on my head even with my little body. On This, good evening

While fans were still digesting and anticipating for more gist, Tenor attacked Nabila on WhatsApp and threatened to release their sex tape for December gist (showbiz) and sent the screenshot out on social media. According to Tenor, He thought they were going to only end at doing a music collaboration before Nabila seduced him.

Nabila and Tenor
Nabila and Tenor

While lovers of Cameroon music and fans of the respective artists wish their icons learn not to wash their dirty garments on facebook, We at facts tv will only continue updating our most cherished readers gist wherever it is coming from

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