• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Am proud of your efforts and devotions Coco Argentée to Stanley Enow

Mar 13, 2022

Coco Argentée expresses her admiration for Stanley Enow ‘s devotion and consistency, promised him all her support

In cameroon, we can all agree Stanley Enow is the most bullied artist if not person online. so many people have always tagged him talentless, some hate him for his accent switch, some hate him for mistakes in the past.

But in all this, King Kong as he is funly called never gives up neither does he ever cease to spit out positive energy.

His positivity and brand has kept him as the most successful and most branded urban artist of all times in cameroon.

Despite the high reception of his new single Parapariparo produced by multiple Grammy winner Scott storch, as usual many people still didn’t appreciate the song.

Appreciating Stanley for his devotions and encouraging him, his colleague coco Argentée wrote

Am proud of your efforts, your dedication beyond all criticism, you don’t give up. You have my full support it’s the work that pays and never forget that it is at the end of the effort that comfort is found