#stopanglophonecrisis : A Military vehicle stepped on an improvised explosive device in Bafut (North-West region). resulting to the death of several soldiers

An army convoy was targeted by a homemade bomb in the North West region on Sunday. On a video circulated by separatists, we see an army vehicle pulverized by an explosive device during the passage of an army convoy. The attack was claimed by Ambazonians (Bafut 7 Kata) in this same video sequence widely circulating on the internet


Concordant sources indicate that several soldiers perished in the explosion. We talk about at least three soldiers killed and many others injured. But no official source has reported on this attack which targeted Cameroonian soldiers in this region plagued by a civil war since 2016.

Attacks against government forces are recurrent in the North-West and South-West. The separatist conflict has taken a new step with the entry into the running of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). In recent reports, human rights organizations have denounced abuses committed by both parties against civilian populations in these two regions.