A second new variant of the coronavirus has been detected in the UK having first been discovered in South Africa.
Matt Hancock announced two cases had been observed in the UK in a press conference from Downing Street, with both patients being closely monitored.

The minister added that those in the UK who had arrived from the country in the last two weeks must isolate immediately, while travel will be restricted between the UK and South Africa while the variant is investigated.

It follows the rapid spread of a strain of the virus in the south east of England, first detected by UK scientists, which led to a ramping up of coronavirus restrictions by the government as well as travel restrictions being implemented by neighbouring countries.

Referring to the carriers of the new strain, Mr Hancock said: “Both are contacts of cases who have travelled from South Africa over the past few weeks.”

He added: “We are incredibly grateful to the South African government for the rigour of their science and the openness and the transparency with which they have rightly acted as we did when we discovered a new variant here

“This new variant is highly concerning because it is yet more transmissible and it appears to have mutated further than the new variant that has been discovered in the UK.”

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