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Autopsy of Sylvester Oromoni finally out. See what killed him.

Jan 1, 2022

Sylvester Oromoni died of ACUTE LUNG INJURY due to CHEMICAL INTOXICATION on a background of BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA.This proves the helpless boy was brutally beaten and forcefully given toxic chemical to drink till he died. Here is the entire document.

It’s a breakdown of the whole medical picture of what killed Sylvester. If you are medically inclined or informed, you will have tears in your eyes. This is a murder right in front of our eyes.

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So let me explain it to those without medical knowledge:1. Sylvester had “scalded upper lip”.This points to a toxic chemical ingestion and injury. That means the chemical was so toxic it left his lips with burns.

2. He had “gastric erosion”.This is the inside of his stomach.“Acute gastric erosion” means a very recent injury to the inner lining of a person’s stomach that corrodes it, makes it bleed and causes internal injury.

So this acute gastric erosion with scalded lips show this boy was forcefully made to drink a toxic chemical that burnt hisdrink a toxic chemical that burnt his lips and eroded his stomach.

3. He had “acute lung injury”.Now when a person is made to forcefully drink a toxic chemical, parts of it go into their lungs as well as their stomach. And this will cause lung injury as well as stomach injury.

4. He had “cerebral edema”.This refers to swelling of brain from brain injury which can cause unconsciousness and death.Now guess one of the causes of cerebral edema? Drinking dangerous toxic chemicals.

5. He sustained “bruised flanks/back”. Your flank is the area between your ribs and your hips on your back.Bruises here suggest he was beaten or kicked- which gave him bruises in that area.

Now picture a boy lying on the floor and being kicked, this is where you get bruises.So when you piece the whole autopsy result together, what you get is the inevitable conclusion that this is a MURDER.This is NOT a “football injury”.

A football injury will NOT explain corroded lips, corroded inner stomach, acute lung injury or non-traumatic brain swelling.

So Lagos State Govt and Lagos Police Force should be held fully responsible for intentionally covering up a murder IF they let those young killer thugs walk away free.And anyone blaming this boy for his own murder is just a roving lunatic that should be detained in an asylum.

As explained by Dr. harvey olufunmilayo .