• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Ayah Foundation Replies to LGTB activist Bandy kiki

LGTB activist Bandy kiki calls out Ayah Ayah Abine for denying money from homosexuals to his foundation

LGTB activist Bandy Kiki of Kinnaka TV recently attacked Ayah Ayah Abine of AYAH INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION for publicly declaring they don’t that his foundation does not knowingly accept financial donations from Homosexuals

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Read: https://factstv.cm/lgtb-activist-bandy-kiki-calls-out-ayah-ayah-abine-for-denying-money-from-homosexuals-to-his-foundation/

Read the response fro ayah foundation below



Following mixed reactions vis-à-vis the recent declarations by the President of the AYAH INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION (AIF), the Foundation deems it necessary to state the following:

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– As a matter of principle and in line with Section 18 of our constitution, the AIF DOES NOT CONSCIOUSLY/KNOWINGLY/WILLFULLY accept donations resulting from any manner of crime, immorality and inhumane activity, as well as donations conditioned on a shift from our core values. In the same vein, the Foundation strongly discourages organizations/individuals, protagonists/advocates of the same from making donations for its humanitarian endeavours.

– Stating bluntly this section of our constitution, which rhymes with national, natural, moral, sane and divine laws, doesn’t hate speech, but rather, a statement of fact.

– The communication department of the AIF has been informed to inscribe this key core principle on our website (www.ayah-foundation.org) which department has agreed to so do over the weekend. As soon as that is done, and it will be done, we shall promptly inform the public of this development.

– Unless our understanding of the English language is far below average, turning down donations from inhumane activities (which is our legitimate right to so do) isn’t synonymous to assisting just a selected few on grounds of their personal beliefs. The heavens and the earth bear witness with the AIF vis-à-vis the fact that we set out assisting all manner of people within and without our borders, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality or their cultural/religious/social and personal beliefs. And the same, we shall keep doing, to the best of our ability.

– The AIF has, as of this day, received NO DONATION from any International Organization, nor do we have any such partner yet. We challenge any international organization to state the contrary. And if changing our core principles/African values is a precondition to receiving International donations or partnering with the same, then, ceasing to exist is an option.

– Regarding the beautiful Cameroonian lady who stirred the uproar, a wonderfully made creature born from the union between a man and a woman, as the Heavens divinely ordained to all Men, the AIF will reach out to her this day through the social media, the same medium she used to pass out her message, to confirm whether or not she made any donation to the foundation as she so claims. If her declaration is proven to be true, she will be refunded in whole within 24 hours following proof of the same.

– Every mortal created by the Most high God is entitled to his/her opinion and has a right to choose his/her core principles and beliefs, without imposing the same on those in opposition. Democracy alongside freedom of expression and opinion equally warrants that we freely share ours and let others who think differently freely share and defend theirs, within the law.

– Lastly, there are several organizations within and without. No one is obliged to go through the AIF to assist vulnerable people around the world. If our ideal and core principles enshrined in our constitution, do not rhyme with a potential donor/partner, common sense demands that such a kindhearted individual turns his focus to any other association he/she believes, suits his/her ideals. It must not be the AIF.

WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED by anybody/force into the acceptance of contrary values and core principles, in our quest to serve humanity, or in a bid to exist. If standing on our core principles as well as siding with human dignity and integrity is a springboard to a fall, then may we fall honourably than exist in shame and dishonour; for our consciences will never be bought or sold, nor our integrity be traded for unethical desires. And even if we walk alone on the opposite lane and the heavens fall on us, we die in dignity, smiling to mother Africa with pride, driven by godly values and human dignity, and not the quest for money and cheap prominence.

WE WILL NOT TRADE HUMANITY FOR INHUMANITY nor back down from this position.

Done in BUEA, this day….

– Ayah Ayah Abine
President, AIF