• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Bande’s winner help Stallions sink Blue Sharks

Jan 14, 2022

Ibrahim Toure (Man of The Match)

“It’s a personal consecration for me, but one that the entire Burkina Faso team deserves. We had a tough match that allows us to prepare for the rest of the competition in the best conditions”.

Kamou Malo (Burkina Faso coach)

“It’s a first victory for us in the competition. It allows us to get back to the peloton to hope for qualification in the next round. We are proud to have accomplished our duty. It is now up to us to continue our momentum. I am a happy man tonight and we will now have to work to achieve good matches in the future”.

Humberto Bettencourt (Cape Verde assistant coach)

“We played a game with a half where we were a little absent. In the second half, we corrected our mistakes to create a few goalscoring chances without however managing to equalize. Now we have to forget this defeat and turn to the future and prepare for our match against Cameroon in the best possible conditions. Burkina have good players. They are one of the best African teams”.