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BBoy records at one. what Magasco and the label have achieved label achieved

Jan 18, 2020
BBoy records at one. what Magasco and the label have achieved label achieved

Its been a year since Cameroon Afropop, njang and makossa singer Magasco announced his departure from Empire Company and the creation of his own independent label BBoy record. Magasco had been very successful under Empire music where he released numerous hits, co-produced and equally wrote many songs for his boss Pit Baccardi and label mates.

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Many people doubted Magasco’s decision given that other artists who left the label before him have either disappeared from the Cameroon music sphere or are only struggling to stay. The good news is that Bamenda boy and Wule Bang bang crooner has for one year of running his label wiped out this doubt and stayed on the top. we are going to look at the achievements of the label for her one year of existence

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Magasco was amongst the most consistent and successful Cameroonian artists in 2019. his first album (heart) released his label is unarguably amongst the Top three best albums released in Cameroon in 2019. Comprising of 30 songs, the album had some vocal spices from, Blanche Bailly, Fanicko, Law G and Minhey. Apart from the album its self, Magasco has released visuals for Kongossa and Crème De La Crème both from the heart album and both songs are doing very great. Not forgetting Camitoyota which was a joined project between BBoy records and his former label Empire Company. He has equally featured other artists like Dolly Pearl in Pay taxi amongst others.

Awards and Nominations:

Within the one year of BBoy records existence, Her CEO and sole artist Magasco has booked many award nominations including, the 6thAfrima, African Talents Awards and the Renaissance Music award which he brought home under category ‘Best male artist’. Worthy of note is the fact that Magasco was amongst the top most-streamed artists on Spotify in Cameroon in 2019 with over 1.1million streams.


The name MAGASCO featured on almost every poster of every concert that had to do with Cameroon A-list artist. some of which included The Eto’o and friends concert in Douala, the K44 street invasion concerts in Douala and Yaounde, the Muni festival in Equatorial Guinea and will be in CAR on Feb 13th for another explosive event on the 13th April 2020

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Through her one year of existence BBoy records has maintained a very positive reputation and relationship between fans, colleagues and partners. Magasco’s departure from Empire Company was rumoured to have been caused by exploitation and marginalisation. though we can’t confirm this or say exactly the cause of his departure, what we know very well is the fact that Magasco handled the issues in a matured way up till now and we can only but believe his version of the story.

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The above-mentioned achievements amongst others did not only come from sitting and praying but through hard work, humility and consistency.

We at FACTS TV wishes BBoy records a Happy birthday and another fruitful year as she embarks on another fresh journey.

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