It was the snoring reminiscent of the noise of a motor saw stuck in the trunk of a baobab that will attract the attention of a pedestrian passing in the corner. Lying on the dirt bitumen with his throat out and wheezing, the bensikineur thinking he’s enjoying a suite at the Hilton hotel will be awakened by the stranger confusing him with a mental patient. The peaceful sleep will turn into a nightmare when the bensikineur groping his wallet will only find a few validated PMUC tickets on Friday evening; the untraceable recipe has taken the same direction as his motorcycle, which he no longer sees.
According to the man of the two handlebars Friday evening he had covered 2 customers for a distance of less than 100 m who, paying 3000 fcfa had been very generous by offering him meatloaf which he had eaten accompanied by a gold lion sachet.

To console him, the pedestrian advised him to keep the faith by going to check his PMUC tickets at the kiosk because millions are sometimes announced with this type of misfortune.