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Bishop George Nkuo inaugurates new parish building in Ngondzen

Dec 13, 2019
Bishop George Nkuo inaugurates new Catholic parish building inaugurated in Ngondzen

The diocese of Kumbo in the Northwest region of Cameroon Continues to stand on a solid rock despite the present sociopolitical crisis that has caused so many lives and material lost in the dioceses. Under the shepherdship of his lordship Bishop George Nkuo, the church has witnessed the loss of many parishioners, the kidnapping of priests and the bishop himself.

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Today, his lordship bishop George Nkuo inaugurated a new parish house in Ngondzen. Ngondzen is a locality situated in between Nseh and Takijah in Nkum subdivision in Bui division of the North West region, one of the areas fully experiencing the burden of the Anglophone Crisis.

The event was animated by Wirajing A popular artist in Nso well known for advocating for love, peace, solidarity and harmony with his choir known as the Golden Voices

Wirajing and his choir during the inauguration of the new parish house in Ngondzen