Below is the follow up of Blanhe Bailly’s interview on Total Team Player

TTP: which team do you support (in the ongoing AFCON)

BB: Cameroon! move Forward lions (raising her hands up in support for the lions)

TTP: Can you sing the national anthem of Cameroon?

BB: ”Ô Cameroun berceau de nos ancêtres. anyway, i know the rhythm.

TTP: Who is your favourite player?

BB: whats that his name again? Tekeu.., Adolf Tekeu. (surprised he is not in the squad) I only know because he is my friend

TTP: which Team are you afraid of most?

BB: ” Ivory Coast. You know Ivorians are always at lugger head with cameroonians. and Egypt too.

TTP:What be your Reaction if cameroon wins?

BB: ” we love noise in Cameroon. If Cameroon wins the AFCON, it will be hot on social media. We will drink and have fun” watch video below