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Blanche Bailly ‘s Employee quits job because her uncle thinks Blanche has bad influence

Jan 20, 2020
blanche bailly

If there is one thing lovers of modern-day music haven’t understood in Cameroon, it is the ability to distinguish between an artist as a person and an artist as a business. Blanche Bailly is unarguably one of those artists who is a victim of this misconception.

Blanche Bailly recently announced that she lost an employee simply because the employee’s uncle hates her and doesn’t want her to teach her his niece imorality.

According to Blanche, the employee in question acquired free training from her at her beauty space #Qeenmimba

She went further to accuse uncles and aunties of not always wanting their little nieces and nephews to grow up to independent and successful people. as they always want them to remain around so they can bully them. She says she had grown from an independent artist to an independent businesswoman. and can’t only but teach her younger ones successful ways

Please don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comment box. do you think uncles should dictate jobs for their nieces and nephews?