• Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Born Venayuver Shey Marc Arthur #WanShey summarises Cameroon’s diverse cultures in one album.

Born Venayuver Shey Marc Arthur known by his stage name as Wan Shey From humble beginnings has come to remain a household name in the Cameroon music industry. Wan Shey made his Entrance into the Cameroon music industry with Wuna Morning. which was highly received and appreciated. and since then, Wanshey has kept moving from strength to strength as he now has over Nine singles the market including Andirifa, Status Update, Ngwasang, and more. he has equally released a series of EPs including Chop Chair and Serene amongst others.

Since wan Shey Announced his first studio album TRIBAL MARKS, Cameroonian lovers of diverse genres of music, are highly expecting as the album is set to cut across all diverse cultures and melodies and music genres continue reading below

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Produced by twelve producers ie, the incredible Method J, N.A.T, Jayon, Wankuwan, Kastro, Raff, Tony eff, Double Dough Beat, Cadex OTB, Bine Moukouri, Lainjo  ABZTRUMENTAL, and himself Wanshey. It features Big Cameroonian artists such as Awu, Amdi, Neglect Buri, Finila, NAT and more. His management team did not only limit talent search at the level of Beats, recording, and mixing. they went further for top-notch graphic designers like Kini Wolfgang and Arnaud Keuleu (Keulion) for body paint art. Based on these diverse talents selected from across diverse Cameroon’s cultural sphere, we can only but call this album Cameroon culture in miniature. The album is available in two versions, The Classic Version which is comprised of ten songs and the deluxe version consisting of 15 songs and one bonus track. the album Which is is scheduled to be released on the 26th July 2019 is already available on the Sabi Boy Records Official website for pre-orders. Pre-order benefits include a signed album cd, customized gift bag, Early online Delivery, and social media shout outs. worthy of note is the fact that Sabi boy records merchandise is also available on their official website shop

you can order the album here