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Boufal scores to lead Morocco past Ghana

Jan 11, 2022

Sofiane Boufal (Man of the Match)

“We had a lot of chances to score the goal and we were happy in that shot. We knew that we would have a strong team forward and that we would not create facilities for us. The most important thing is that we have achieved our goal. This result motivates us and gives us confidence to face the next game. We will continue to work and stay focused on our objectives”

Vahid Halilhodzic (Morroco Coach)

“It was a great road and I’m proud of my team. As you know, we ended up playing without five top players on the team. I’m happy because these young players showed determination and knew how to represent their country’s jersey. We had a tough game with a respectable opponent of African football. We had already tuff a match with Ghana and we ended up tied, but we knew today we would have a tough battle. I was happy with the performance presented by my players. We will continue to capitalize on this determination and confidence shown by the players for the next game.”

Milovan Rajevac (Ghana Coach)

“It was a difficult game for us, after all were on the pitch two great teams of African football. Morocco scored on the first opportunity it had. I take this opportunity to congratulate Morocco and my players on the commitment shown on the pitch. We still have two games to go and we will stay focused on them. It is true that we have created more scoring opportunities, but we have not been able to materialise that opportunity. We were unhappy in that respect. We hope to score goals and win the next two games. I will calmly analyze the goal shot conceded and see where the team lost control of the game. Right now we will keep our focus on the match.”