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Boy Who Fled Ukraine With Only A Phone Number On Hand Reunited With Mum

Mar 18, 2022

An 11-year-old boy who fled Ukraine with just a phone number written on his hand has been reunited with his mum. You can watch the heartwarming moment below:

Hassan Pisecká made headlines earlier this month after travelling 750 miles from his hometown in Zaporizhzhia to Slovakian capital Bratislava with only a plastic bag, passport and the number scribbled down.

The boy’s mum Júlia Pisecká stayed behind as Russia continued its attack on Ukraine to look after her own mother who was unable to flee.

However, both have since been able to flee to join Hassan and his four siblings.

Credit: Facebook/Polícia Slovenskej republiky .css-1jkwt8h{color:#666666;margin-top:0.25rem;text-align:center;font-size:0.75rem;line-height:1rem;}@media (max-width:767px){.css-1jkwt8h{font-size:0.875rem;line-height:1.125rem;text-align:left;padding:1rem;}}Credit: Facebook/Polícia Slovenskej republiky

When Hassan reached the border, officials were struck by his ‘smile, fearlessness and determination’.

Using the number and a note tied to his waist, they managed to contact his family in Slovakia and he was reunited with his four siblings.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the boy said he ‘isn’t thinking about the future’ and is happy to be ‘safe’.

His sister translated for Hassan, saying: “He says the most important is to be in the place where he has family.

Credit: Facebook/Polícia Slovenskej republikyCredit: Facebook/Polícia Slovenskej republiky

“He likes this city because it’s safe. He doesn’t know about the future because he doesn’t know about the situation in Ukraine. He is not thinking about the future, he just wants to be with us.”

Discussing the scariest part of the journey, his sister explained that Hassan found the train journey to be intimidating, adding: “The train was very, very full, there were 300 people in one carriage.

“The kids and the people were sitting in the hall and everyone was talking in foreign languages and he wasn’t understanding so that was the scariest [part of the journey] for him.”

Credit: Facebook/Polícia Slovenskej republiky

Although they were relieved to be reunited with their brother, the children were concerned about their mother, saying: “Everyone who was with her her whole life we all left her all in one moment.



“For her it was the most difficult for her than for us. She is so happy that Hassan is with us.”

Júlia’s eldest son added: “We think about our mother and we miss our mother.”

Since crossing the border and fleeing the Russian attack, Júlia, who is a widow, is back together with her family.

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She told the Sun: “The train ride was very difficult. Hundreds were crammed in a single car. But we had to escape so our family could be back together.”



“I’d like to thank everyone from my heart. We have to start from scratch. We lost everything we’ve had but we’re healthy.”

Credit: Facebook/Polícia Slovenskej republiky

The family had to flee Syria without Hassan’s dad years ago, with Slovakia Police saying: “They lost everything again but this time the war didn’t take anyone away from them.

“They are together and that’s all that matters.”