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Breaking!!! Kumbo: dreaded Ambazonian general cha cha gunned down by Cameroon military

Jan 26, 2020

A call from Kumbo just confirmed the death of the most feared Ambazonian general Cha Cha. who was killed early this morning by the Cameroon army forces?

According to Mimi Mefo info, soldiers took the Ambazonian camp at Kikaikom in Kumbo by surprise around 2:00 Am this Sunday 26th January 2020, took away every fighter and gunned down their Commander General Cha Cha

Cha Cha on a recent outing through a Facebook video threatened to kill anyone who will venture to go out and vote during the upcoming february 9th municipal and legislative elections

Reacting to the situation, Bareta news threatened to publish the names of those he believes to have betrayed Cha cha. he wrote

We want to see proof of life for all Ambazonia Forces under Bui custody. That make up story of Bui Warriors being invaded and attacked by French Cameroun Forces including their prisoners won’t work. You will not kill your own and want to now put the blame on French Cameroun Forces. All those who gave the orders in Bui plus their proxies on social media will be named as from Monday. The first executioner who called himself Louistas Nyuyse, Chairman Bui County has been known. The next set of women and men from Germany , UK and USA giving those orders will be known. ENOUGH