Britain asks Ukraine not to dialogue with Russia: After his visit to Ukraine to meet the country’s President Vladimir Zelensky, during the celebration of the national day, the British Prime Minister called on him not to open talks with Moscow, the charge d’affaires reported on Friday by of the Russian Embassy in London, Alexander Goussarov, on the Rossiya 24 television channel.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to Kyiv sends a signal to Ukraine that it must follow a military path in its relations with Russia, Goussarov said.

“I would also like to mention another thing, namely the political message with which Boris Johnson came to Kyiv. This message is obviously aimed at both Ukrainian leaders and the UK’s Western allies and compatriots of Boris Johnson. And this message is very simple: no normalization [of relations] with Russia, no talks, no step back, the only way is that of arms and it is on this way that we continue to push the Ukrainians , providing them with significant financial and military aid,” he said.

Goussarov added that the aid was turning Ukraine into a testing ground for Western weapons. “The fact that this path leads to disastrous consequences for the civilian population, for the Ukrainian economy and state […] is not taken into account by the official British discourse,” he noted.