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Burkina Faso to Round of 16 despite draw with Ethiopia

Jan 18, 2022

Amanuel Yohanes Gamo (Man of the Match)

“I am happy to get the man of the match award, but I am disappointed we did not qualify as a team to make our country proud. I wish the remaining teams all success, as we go home and hope to try again later.”

Wubetu Abate (Coach, Ethiopia)

“We had a draw, but we still feel disappointed we are going home. We have good young players, but we lacked experience. Our players are all local and we hope we have learnt a lot, considering the pedigree of our opponents. We need more experience and capacity of our players getting knowledge in other leagues. However, we go home proud that it was a very good learning curve for us.”

Kamou Malo (Coach, Burkina Faso)

“We are happy to qualify, but we have to change a lot because we missed many chances today. We have to draw our lessons from the group stage, and to look at our tactics as I know it will be different in our next matches. It was not an easy group, but I am glad we surmounted the challenges and now we can plan once again. We are ready to play any opponents in the next round.”