• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Burkina Faso v Tunisia – The Road to Final Four

Jan 29, 2022

Kamou Malo (Coach, Burkina Faso)

The next match is qualifying for the semifinals, so it is very difficult. We have determination to continue the journey and feel the responsibility. Our players are young and have the enthusiasm to win and continue their way. Tunisia is a good and cohesive team, but our side is armed with spirit and determination. The game will not be played on paper, but on the field. We don’t think about the past, but the present is always more important. We have a young ambitious team, and we can write our present and future.

Adama Guira (Midfielder, Burkina Faso)

We are delighted to be in the quarterfinals, and we can’t wait for the match which will be as a final. All players are focused. Our victory will contribute to easing things in our country and will make our people happy, and this is what we are striving for. We have young players, but they are playing at the highest levels in Europe. The team is well prepared, and we are among the best in the tournament. We keep improving game after game.