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Bus Preacher Beaten To Coma After Condoms Fall From Bible In Anambra

Jan 13, 2020

A transport evangelist was nearly lynched at well known Upper Iweka Park in Onitsha, Anambra State, southeast Nigeria when some c0ndoms supposedly dropped out of his book of scriptures as he lectured the ‘Expression of God’.

The Anambra transport evangelist was hauled out of the comercial bus and beaten into a mash before he was saved by some police officers.

According to Chukwujekwu, an onlooker and traveller at a mainstream business transport specialist organization going to Lagos and different parts of the nation, the evangelist came to serve and share the word of God for the explorers and also wish them wellbeing on their way to their destinations.

Portraying the occurrence, the observer stated:

“In spite of the fact that they were moved without anyone else acclaimed ministers lecturing, the blessing of God was all over; a few travellers gave their lives to Christ and acknowledged Him as their Lord and personal saviour.

“It was astounding when opened his book of scriptures to gather a contribution from the travellers who may wish to help him in his service, and 3 pieces of condoms tumbled off his bible.

“The furious men in the bus who had been having awful sentiments about ministers, who lecture in transports along different stops in Onitsha as a covert for asking got extremely irate and jumped on him, who out of nowhere began yelling and arguing for absolution since he does that as business not so much for genuine expression of God ”

We, nonetheless, discovered that officials of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) were called to the scene to spare the minister’s life. So far 2 captures have been made for additional examinations.