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Cameroon – High sorcery: Here’s why WES Madiko stopped singing

Jun 29, 2021

It’s time to scare yourself. You are free to believe or not, but Africa has its mysteries.

You are certainly wondering why WES MADIKO has had a roller coaster career. Yet he was predestined to a bright future after the success of “Alane”. What happened in the meantime?

Well, while he was at the top and had to confirm, the man fell victim to several mystical attacks which each time reached and silenced his voice. He spent several years without being able to sing. He no longer had a voice. He couldn’t sing anymore. Imagine the pain he went through during those years.

Wes MADIKO was born in Mouantaba which is a mysterious district of Penja. This district was the place par excellence for the practice of high witchcraft. We found there the greatest wizards of the Region. This neighborhood had a grim and terrible reputation. It was forbidden to set foot outside after a certain time of the night.

From 11 p.m., wizards went out to do their dirty work. It was not uncommon to hear frightful cries in the twilight of the night. In the morning, the streets were littered with calabashes and sacrificed animals.

This neighborhood had a mystical river. A river that carried the children. So much so that many parents forbade their children to bathe in this river. Which river bore the name of the district: “  Mouantaba ”. Go and find the meaning of this name. A name not to be pronounced at particular times of the night.

Not a week went by without hearing stories of children being washed away or drowned. There were also fairy stories. Several residents of the neighborhood claimed to have met the famous  “Mami wata” . Some even made evil pacts and were brutally snatched from life.

The reputation of this mystical district was such that the populations were reluctant to buy plantations there, when you know the fertility of the penja area, it is astonishing! This is to tell you that this neighborhood was scary!

Crowned with success, the native Wesley returns home. Instead of being proud of the country’s son’s success, they are going to attack him. The child of the country will suffer the wickedness, jealousy and hatred of the wizards of the neighborhood whose name should not be pronounced at this hour of the night.

They will try to eliminate him but Wes is a blessed child. They won’t do it. They will then deprive him of his voice to prevent him from exercising his passion. Believe me, for a singer, totally losing his voice is the worst torture. Wes will suffer for years.

But little by little, he will go up the slope and find his voice. Note that WES is a fighter. It is the story of a child who came out of nowhere who by dint of courage, work and temerity managed to rise to the top.
Nothing a priori predestined him for a huge career and international fame. We did not even imagine that he could have left Cameroon one day.

So who among you knows the famous Mouantaba district and its anecdotes?

Arol KETCH – 04/17/2020

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