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Cameroon passport prices might go up to 200.000fcfa

Dec 17, 2019

A passport at 2 hundred thousand FCFA is the proposition of Louis Paul Motaze.

Arrived at the Ministry of the Economy in 2009, he increased hobby at the debt from almost 40 billion FCFA to 250 billion FCFA in 2018. At the coronary heart of the CAN scandal, it became he was the one who negotiated the first investment for the Olembe stadium in 2009 as part of the PENDIS program (National Program for the Development of Sports Infrastructure). A source reveals that in a negotiation in China, Chinese officials have requested themselves whether Cameroonian leaders surely represent a country.

They spoke after every sentence of commissions. When the foundation stone of Olembe was laid in 2009, Cameroon had disbursed 13 billion, no one will say where this cash went. At the coronary heart of the CAN scandal, earlier than transmitting the documents to the secretariat of the presidency, the MINEPAT of Louis Paul Motaze had taken care to signal all over-the-counter contracts for infrastructure, those contracts have been canceled via the SGPR who had positioned his pals usually over the counter. Once in finance, he would have chosen to take revenge through refusing to pay the carrier providers, delaying the progress of the work.