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Cameroon vs Algeria: Algerians claim a to have a new video of Eto’o bribing Bakary Gassama

Apr 16, 2022

Bakary Gassama, referee of the return match between the Algerian team and Cameroon in Blida, is suspected of having received a bribe from the president of FecaFoot, Samuel Eto’o to be in favor of the Indomitable Lions . A brand new video denouncing the potential fraud of the Gambian referee has just been released.

New evidence of a bribe from Cameroon Football Federation President Samuel Eto’o to Bakary Gassama has surfaced. The Gambian referee would have received a sum of money from a company “Fundation Privada” located in Spain and which has a close link with Eto’o. But that’s not all. Indeed, Gassama would also have been entitled to a sum from “Otopia Group”, a company with which Samuel Eto’o was associated.

FIFA intends to process the Algerian team file on April 21. These very suspicious new details could be strong arguments to do justice to the Fennecs. As a reminder, Gassama would have directly participated in the disqualification of the Greens because of his controversial arbitration decisions, which prompted the FAF to file a complaint against him directly with FIFA. The referee would have canceled a penalty for Belmadi’s men and scored an illegitimate goal for the Lions. The Algerian people are therefore firmly awaiting FIFA’s reaction to this affair.