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Cameroon writer Samy Manga shares advice from DJ Arafat’s life

Aug 13, 2019

Following the death of Ivorian superstar Dj Arafat, there have been numerous views and reactions all over the media. one of the most contradictive and most educative is from Cameroon writer Sammy manga.

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Cameroon writer Samy Manga wrote……,


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Lucidity and honesty are virtues that should never be betrayed just for fame. so hypocrisy is a religion … ” As we live, we die ” what is amazing is the fact that it happens to you opposite from the direction towards which you ran to …

I still remember the video of your bigger brother Asalfo of Magic System imploring you to come back down from your coconut tree before it’s too late … But did you understand that?

Obviously no! the wings of some success and the madness of a little money had taken control over you and the preciousness of LIFE …

There are countless dozens of videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others where women are objectified, flouted, humiliated to the privacy of their dignities just for a fake thing that you liked ” Show biz”

Your insolence characteristic and the number of your songs or insult, and depravity to become King is was no well-calculated.

Who can forget some of your shows where you publicly disgraced your young worshipers while the obscenity and violence were good in front of drunk fans who were totally unconscious …

Who can forget your unspeakable words about your brothers, your sisters, your fellow artists, and the one who gave you birth?

Who can forget the thousands of enemies that you had voluntarily made in a short time just for stories of clothes, belts, watches, rings, cars, ass, and so on…??

Yet if you were a young talented you had dreams and the opportunity to distinguish yourself among yours, you have experienced the suffering and violence of difficult neighborhoods, but you stood firm in the voice you had chosen to know how to promote the shell, the form and not the bottom …

To you, Coupé Decale owes everything, to Coupé Decale. you owe everything, and yet for a small number of us, you could not be an easy example to follow …

No offense to low level sentimental screaming Rip, the truth is that you spent your life in the joke, the lightness that was trivializing life in you and around you for vainly material matters, nothing was really worth in your eyes apart from your crazy beats, your elusive flow, your teeth, and your gold chains. continue reading below

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The impoliteness, insult, and the diminution were the main bases of your language and the musical writing of your young career. some were well obliged to dissociate themselves from your ego on dimensioned …

And here is the Pope of amusement bowing out in the same way that he lived in the fun, he was trying to make a motorcycle “turn up” at a fast pace, and as in his eternal believed to live life, he did not think the role of a motorcycle helmet …

This is often the replica of life, although we are all devoted to finiteness, it is useless to play the beefy and to break the balls to the existence of others for the simple reason that everyone can die at any time. moment…

” Only the way makes a big difference ”
PS: neither a judgment nor accusation, just a lucid statement that applies to each of us … 🌿☕

Cameroon writer Samy Manga

Cameroon writer Samy Manga