Cameroonian Blogger La Fleur attacks Ko-c's new single Ghana Must Go For Promoting Violence against women

Cameroonian blogger La Fleur doesn’t find the content of Koc-c’s brand new single –Ghana Must go- Funny. According to her, the video promotes Violence against women and such content should be discouraged. ”Ko-c’s new release featuring Cleo Grae, Banye, etc promotes blatant degradation and sexual violence”

Her complet Social media post read “

The rate at which women are sexualized and objectified in music videos is a call for concern. Ko-c’s new release featuring Cleo Grae, Banye, etc promotes blatant degradation and sexual violence against women. Content like this may be a factor that contributes to attitudes approving of sexually aggressive behavior. Artists need to educate themselves on music media influence and overall media literacy. This is not an issue of morality but safety. This can slip by unnoticed because we have become desensitized to it. But no, no, we need to do better. With all the orientation on rape and sexual violence that people & organizations are giving the public 🤦‍♀️. That is filth content. Before u come to argue, go watch.

Reacting to the post, Banye who featured in the song thinks more focus should be put on discouraging Girls from misbehaving rather than talking about the reaction of men towards them.

He wrote “Your not concerned with sensitizing and empowering women not to do this things. But rather you quick to pick a stone against anyone who dare tell it like it is. The video says why these situations you so hate arise. But you don’t have the stomach for some raw truth. There is no problem solved by being hypocritical even by omission

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