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Cameroonian upcoming P0rnst4r Cynthia fiangan on her way to kondegui

Jul 19, 2022
Cynthia fiangan on her way to kondegui

Cameroonian upcoming P0rnst4r Cynthia fiangan who made her way to fame by sharing her s3xt4pes is currently on her way to kondegui central prison in Yaounde

Christelle Atangana, alias Cynthia Fiangan on social media, is currently detained in Yaounde. According to political analyst David Eboutou, the influencer “has just been presented to the prosecutor and will certainly be placed in detention this night at Kondengui Central Prison. »

As a reminder, Cynthia Fiangan has become famous on social networks because of the daring videos she shares with her followers. In one image, in particular, the young Cameroonian, who calls herself “Chocolat de Mer”, is seen having s3x with a middle-aged man.

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Images that shock most Cameroonians, especially Marlène Emvoutou. A few days ago, in a post on her Facebook page, she asked Cynthia Fiangan to pull herself together.

“You decided to become a sexual influencer, the very expression of your freedom. However, the Cameroon where you live is a country of law, laws exist which regulate individual freedoms… you are committing an attack on modesty and good morals. In a civilized country, the police in charge of cybercrime should arrest you. “, she said.

Marlène Emvoutou believes that little cynthia is just a “victim” of a society that has decided to celebrate mediocrity. But she must not forget that “the publication of pornographic images is regulated. A media that does not take the trouble to protect the innocence of minors is simply punished. »