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Cameroon’s 1OO FCFA banknotes sells at 70,00 € (45917.00 CFA) in Europe

Mar 15, 2020
Cameroon's 1OO FCFA banknotes sells at 70,00 € (45917.00 CFA) in Europe

Cameroon’s 1OO FCFA banknotes of 1962, issued by the Central Bank of Cameroon (Banque Centrale, République Fédérale du Cameroun) are currently in the market at the price of 70,00 € on a website known as Numis collection

Many people reading this post will greatly be surprise Cameroon once had 100frs bank notes apart from the coins we have grown to know. These Banknotes were used in the early 60’s immediately after Cameroon gained her Independence

The obverse shows Portrait of Ahmadou Ahidjo, 1st President of Cameroon from 1960 until 1982. In the background – Rhumsiki peak and Kapsiki home of Rhumsiki.
Reverse: Cargo vessels in port of Douala, (Cameroon’s largest seaport).

Rhumsiki, also spelt Rumsiki and Roumsiki, is a village in the Far North Province of Cameroon. Rhumsiki is located in the Mandara Mountains 55 km (34 mi) from Mokolo and 3 km (2 mi) from the border with Nigeria. The village is similar to many others in northern Cameroon. The inhabitants, members of the Kapsiki ethnic group, live in small houses built from local stone and topped with thatched roofs; these homes are scattered throughout the village and surrounding valley. Nevertheless, Rhumsiki is one of Cameroon’s most popular tourist attractions and “the most touristic place in northern Cameroon”.

Cameroon’s 1OOFCFA banknotes

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Reverse of Cameroon’s 1OOFCFA banknotes, Showing a ship at the Douala international seaport

The attraction is the surrounding scenery. Gwanfogbe, et al., describe it as “remarkable”, Lonely Planet as “striking”, Rough Guides as “breathtaking” and Bradt Guides as an “almost lunar landscape”. Writer and explorer André Gide wrote that Rhumsiki’s surroundings are “one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.” The spectacular effect is created by surrounding volcanic plugs (the remnants of long-dormant volcanoes), basalt outcroppings, and the Mandara Mountains. The largest (and most photographed) of these rocks is Kapsiki Peak, a plug standing 1,224 m (4,016 ft) tall.

looking from this one can conclude large stock of African currencies has been stocked in Europe for reasons only God knows why

1OO FCFA banknotes