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Cameroon’s Prime minister secretly marry a second wife.

Mar 3, 2020
Cameroon's Prime minister

Cameroon’s Prime Minister and Head of Government, chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute on Saturday got married to a second wife if a private party. Reports say he and his first wife have recently divorced following a series of misunderstandings

The premier reportedly formalized his relationship with one of his many fiancés by having a private traditional ceremony at the prime minister’s Lake Side residence in Yaoundé Cameroon.

Cameroon’s Prime minister Chief Dr Dion Ngute and new wife Nelly Bodo

Polygamy forms part of his Oroko culture and is legal in Cameroon particularly when one is a senior government official with access to free money from the state.

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Nelly Bodo (his new wife) daughter of Ernest Bodo hails from the same tribe as Cameroon the centre region and an executive of SNH & the daughter of a high profiled director.

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Cameroon’s Prime minister secretly marry a second wife.