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Cape Verde v Cameroon – Hope and Confirmation

Jan 17, 2022

Antonio Conceiçao (Cameroon coach)

“We are going to play against a good, disciplined, diligent attacking team. Cape Verde are a difficult team that will certainly create problems for us. We are not going to let up in this game, although we are going to rotate the team. Even if we have already qualified, but this Monday’s game is still important for us. We have to approach this meeting very seriously. The spirit remains the same within the group. We want to go all the way and so write a new page in the history of Cameroonian football”.

Fai Collins (Cameroon Player)

“For us, the main thing is to finish in first place in group A, to stay in Yaoundé. We know the Cape Verde team well. We will approach this meeting at 100% to achieve a good result in front of our home crowd. ‘It is true that I am one of the executives of this team, but for me the main thing is the success of the group and the collective.”