• Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

MI’S Label chocolate city sendsBottom artist Blaq Bonez to reply jovi in a song titled ”Shut up”

The social media community in Cameroon have been very active recently following the kinship battle for the African rap crown between Nigerian Rapper Jude Abaga aka MI (Mr Incredible) and Cameroonian Mkoko rapper Ndukong Godlove Nfor Jovi.

It all started A few days ago when Nigerian rapper M.I Abaga released his latest song titled Martell Cypher 2 which got almost everyone mesmerized after listening. He then went ahead to say only 2 Ghanaian rapper and 3 South African rappers and one Kenyan can stand up to him on their best days;

Read: https://factstv.cm/jovi-replies-mi-abaga-claims-he-is-the-best-rapper-in-africa/

A lot of Cameroonians have since rallied behind Jovi Praising him as the GOAT. most of these singing Hossana to the son of David have viewed others who hold a contrary opinion as being haters and not able to support their own.

Jovi promised to button up MI in 48 hours and later release BIG GANG

Jovi Big Gang

Big gang came with mixed feelings as some people are of the opinion that the song was not worth bottling up MI. others feel the Mboko God buried MI

From the opposite site, Chocolate city team and the Nigerian community has been Ignorant of any of such a thing as beef between the two countries or kings

Chocolate city recently announced that their least artist Blaq Bonez will be releasing a song today friday titled ”Shut Up” according to the label, the song is already trending on search on apple music

Wait oh! am i the only one noticing the laugh emoji on every posts? lol

The song will be released today Friday please lets know your thoughts about the whole story in the comment section below

blaq bonez shut up blaq bonez shut up