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Christ is the Prince of peace and therefore his birth should send a message of forgiveness in the hearts of men and consequently peace”. Bishop George Nkuo

Dec 26, 2019

The bishop of Kumbo diocess in the North-West region of Cameroon has lamented that the security circumstance in Bui division has been deteriorating.

He focuses denouncing fingers on war hawks on the two sides that have passionately denied to lay their arms. Religious administrator George Nkou lecturing on December 25th 2019 to stamp the blowout of Christmas said discussing harmony without functional strides to set down weapons is an all-out exercise in futility

Citing conditions that prompted the finish of the first world war in 1918, the religious administrator said officers on both side of the war concurred that “Me not shot, you not shot, war end”. To the prelate, this short sentence condensed the enduring of the individuals in the war inciting them to require a finish of the overwhelming war

On how the festival of Christmas should impact the way for harmony, Bishop George Nkou said Jesus “… Christ is the Prince of harmony and in this way his introduction to the world ought to communicate something specific of pardoning in the hearts of men and subsequently harmony”.

To the Presbyterian secretary for Bui division, the individuals who proclaimed war on Cameroonians should assume liability and require a conclusion to the war. Fire up Christian Ngandji Ndi truly mourned the enduring of the number of inhabitants in Kumbo yesterday as he lectured the good news of Christ to Christians.

He says the introduction of Christ is being honoured in Bui division and not celebrated. He focused on that they can’t celebrate when the lives of many have been rendered futile by the war. The festival of Christmas was set apart by shots in most of kumbo

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