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Church of Satan denies responsibility for Kumba Massacre

Oct 26, 2020
Church of Satan denies responsibility for Kumba Massacre

The church of satan through her official twitter account has denied responsibility for Kumba Massacre which costed the lives of seven young cameroonians at Mother Francisca School around midday last Saturday. so many actors from various domains of life have been reacting the Barbaric act.

A reaction which caught our attention is that of that of Cameroon’s minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms Joseph LÉ. He accused the devil for being responsible in a tweet which read.

The post attracted a surprise comment which came from the church of Satan’s official and verified Tweeter account. Distancing themselves from the act, The church wrote ”This has nothing to do with Satanism, please leave us out of it.’

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Kumba Massacre

At least eight children were killed and a dozen wounded after attackers stormed a school in southwestern Cameroon with guns and machetes, the United Nations said.
Arriving on motorbikes and in civilian clothes, the men attacked the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in the city of Kumba, in the country’s Southwest Region, at around midday on Saturday.