Cleo Grae blames Cameroon Music stagnation on inability to hold hands together

Cleo Grae is one of the three artists who benefited from Tzy Panchack’s NA SO Challenge along side Vernyuy Tina and vivid. The challenge gained Them a collaboration on the final version of ‘Na so‘ with Tzy Panchack. The collaboration that was highly welcome by the whole 237 community. Done for the introduction!!

Recently, Cameroon music industry was seriously attacked by an upcoming Ghanaian rapper Lyrical Joe. In a freestyle titled Moment of truth (MOT), The Ghanaian rapper spat many undeniable truths about why the Cameroon music industry can’t Grow. This was how ever a blow on the face of an industry that preaches Support your own but practices hate

Coming out to address the situation, Cleo Grae in a song titled MY OWN THOUGHTS reiterated that Cameroon music is supposed to have grown long ago, but the inability to hold hands has held us stagnant while other countries are advancing and leaving us behind. According to him, Cameroonians are very talented but if they cant hold hands the industry will go nowhere, watch song below. please don’t forget to leave a comment

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