one all sports and fecafoot

Confidential: One all sports will pay 7 billion FCFA per year to Fecafoot

Ever since the signing of a partnership between Cameroonian football federation FECAFOOT and ONE all sports equipment supplier, Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with fecafoot president: Samuel Eto’o for keeping the amount of the contract confidential and for picking a less known name over big names like PUMA, or a local equipment supplier.

According to Elie Baho, a Cameroonian journalist specializing in sports issues.
7,200,000,000 FCFA per year. Amount of the partnership contract, Fecafoot – ONE ALL SPORTS. is the Sum of money that ONE ALL SPORTS will pay per year to Fecafoot until the end of the mandate of Samuel Eto’o Fils as President of Fecafoot and his team”,


The media man thanks in passing, the management team of the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot). “Thanks to Samuel Eto’o Fils, President of Fecafoot. Thanks also to Céline Eko, Vice-President of Fecafoot who provides remarkable work for the promotion of Cameroonian football. We don’t talk too much about her. I promised you the details of this contract. The sequel, for download. ONE ALL SPORTS is a Marketing Agency specializing in Sport, particularly automotive and football. That’s what it’s all about. May GOD bless us and may he bless Cameroon”, continues Elie Baho, who presents himself as an investigative journalist.


FECAFOOT has maintained that this is the best equipment supplier partnership Cameroon has ever had