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Damage Anything And Pay, Pastor warns Church members For Falling During Prayers

Jan 28, 2021

Drama as Pastor warns members falling under anointing will pay if they break things.

pastor who is yet to be identified was seen in a viral video cautioning members against falling under the anointing and breaking properties in the church

People falling under the anointing and doing the unthinkable has been the norm in most churches and many of them tend to cause damage to church properties.

In the video below, the Pastor warned members that they will pay for any item they break if they ever fall under the anointing from this day forth.

In his words: “For those of you that like to fall under anointing, if you fall under anointing and break anything, you’ll pay. From today, it is break and pay. Any spirit that breaks anything in this church again will pay. And then pointing at the camera, the man of God said: “This camera is one million oh, if you’re falling under anointing, don’t go there. Tell the demon inside of you not to go this camera .”

See video below