• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Understanding Daphne, Numerica and Blanche Bailly’s Music Series.

Fans of Cameroon urban music General  and of Daphne, Blanche Bailly and Numerica in particular must have noticed a love story music series between these three artists. With Daphne as the protagonist, Blanche Bailly as antagonist and numerica as the Stakes Character.

The whole story started with No way when Daphne and Numerica meet each other in a taxi and developed feelings for each but they all separated but the feelings later brought daphne back to her new lover

the love story continued in  Promets moi ” Promise me’ this is a typical statement  used by lovers in a new relationship as they always go around making promises as the future will look like. this can be compared to university level one relationships where both partners have not discovered the world around them and believes they will live together for ever. the story continued with Daphne asking for promises. 

watch promet moi below

Numerica like any other man and  so exited in love promised her he will be by her for ever. Every things still so sweet daphne promise to be with him ”Jusqu’à La Gare”  all these promises led the two lovers to the altar in Jusqu’à La Gare” video 

watch below

Girls like daphne are often times too nagging and that can make a guy leave the house to have peace of mind somewhere. this was apparently what took numerica out to get a bottle of cold wine to sip and forget the troubles home. that was where he meet the Irresistible blanche Bailly and only needed the favour of spending a night. blanche bailly could not resist Numerica’s Dkny perfume fragrance. she happily granted the favour. One thing i have personally Noticed in this series is the difference between how a Numerica touches daphne his assumed wife and Blanche his side Chick.

 Watch favour below

Blanche tested so good that Numerica started behaving like Mr Kemayo  Mr. leo’s neighbor. who said he only wanted to try only once, once later became twice, two times became four before daphne could see her husband was already staying with the side chick. Numerica exaggerated so much that daphne comes this time just pleading even if he wants to cheat on her at least it should be ”Doucement”  not to the extend of staying ”Chez Mado”

 kemayo mr. leo’s neighbor later ran home, Salatiel forgave Anita. will Daphne Forgave Numerica in the next episode?Do you think the next episode will be the last or we still have other episodes to discover

fans de telenovela,  à vous les claviers .