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Did Jovi turn down historic collaboration with Stanley Enow?

Jul 9, 2020

Same like Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG in USA, Wizkid and Davido in Nigeria, Cameroon’s urban music industry like that of USA and Nigeria has witnessed a long term cool war between her two lead Giants Jovi and Stanley Enow.

Many lovers of Cameroon urban music have often blamed this long term talk of war for the stagnation of the music industry. many people think it is just based on ergo and who should call who first.

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We can not confidently say the origin of the long time beef but according to Stanley Enow on Pulse Nigeria some years back, It was just ‘Jealousy owing to the fact that he came from the bottom and blew big. He told the media that when he was a radio presenter, he used to vibe other Cameroonian artists (including Jovi) but when he won the MTV awards in 2013 in south Africa, Becoming the first and only Cameroonian to win it, everything changed.

”Well, if we take back to the history of the beef, we will not finish writing even if we have a week to write”

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Recently there was a ” Call me challenge’‘ online which one small artist could tweet asking a bigger one to call him/her and this ammplified the issue of who should call who between Stanley Enow and Jovi.

This happened at a time when Cameroonian music industry lost an iconic ‘Zenge’ and ‘Makossa’ artist MAMA NGUEA. Reacting to the death of Mama Nguea, Stanley blamed people for fueling a war with someone (jovi) he should be making money with and not fighting.

Other stake holders in the industry congratulated Stanley for his bravery and leadership spirit, pushing him to go ahead and make the call.

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Recently on Napstar Tv, Dijay Karl revealed that he had a working session with KING KONG (Stanley Enow) and Stanley revealed that he really intends to call Jovi to jump on the project.

This morning, MBOKO god (JOVI) took to his twitter account and made some posts which may seem to suggest that Stanley Called him.

According to Jovi, He can not beg a musical collaboration from someone musically inferior to him. stating that if he turns down a music collaboration, it is simply showbiz

Jovi Equally stated that he doesn’t need money to from someone to feature in his song. but just respect.

Jovi went further to make some contradicting posts to the view above which may seem to suggest that he is only talking about himself and it has nothing to do with anyone. the most important part of it is that he went further to announce that he will have a be releasing his next studio album and has been looking for an African giant rapper that he can drop the same day with him to see who is bigger. knowing confidently he will flog the rapper😁😁😁

Conclusively, we believe Mboko God was only happy about how big his next album sounds. We really wish these big two jump on something for the culture.

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