• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

”Glory alone is giving the DEVIL headache what of the album?” Did stanley Enow call Tenor ”devil”?

Stanley Enow should be Cameroon’s showbiz man of the week. this follows his recently released son <GLORY>. Glory, which is a pre-released song against his upcoming and long-awaited album STANLEY VS ENOW came with so much mixed feelings. His fans and lovers of positive music are of the opinion that the song is a hit song while non-fans think the song is a mess

Glory is a song of praise in which he appreciates God for bringing him from nothing to something. In the mids of “support your own campaign“, so many artist and fans discredited the song violently calling it ”wack”!.

Reacting to the video, Tenor posted on social media ”We have the same smile, except some have it in front of the beautiful work of Nkeng Stephens and I at the studio.
Good night 🤞🏿
” according to Laura Dave Media, Tenor was comparing the quality Stanley Enow’s <Glory> Video to his <Appeler> video

Read: https://factstv.cm/watch-stanley-enow-pray-for-his-fans/

Stanley Enow later took his to his twitter handle and wrote

#Glory alone is giving the DEVIL headache what of the album? #StanleyVsEnow see tweet below

The devil here could generally mean ”haters’ or Enemies. following this twitter post by Dante boy south,

One could be made to think Stanley Was referring to tenor when he talked of the devil. checkout brand new LUNDI from tenor

what is your take on this?