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Dj Khaled Stopped A Model From Twerking On His Instagram Live Session

May 5, 2020
Dj Khaled Stopped A Model From Twerking On His Instagram Live Session

Dj Khaled stopped a model from twerking on his Instagram live session.

DJ Khaled has a reputation for being extra, but it seems his interactions with an Instagram model may have gone too far while on a public broadcast.

The super producer and media personality apparently stopped a fan from twerking on his Instagram Live session this past weekend.

Confused Dj Khaled stopped the lady.

The session that has now been widely shared online shows a confused Khaled, interacting with a scantly dressed woman.

With nearly 20 million followers, the father of two could have faced major backlash if it were not for his quick response to the situation.

Woman really wanted to show her twerking skills. 

Appearing on the live broadcast on the social media platform Instagram, the unidentified woman was eager to show off her twerking skills, while dressed in a bikini top that barely covered her nipples and a pair of shorts.

With a bottle in hand, she went on to twerk live for a couple of seconds, before the ‘Wild Thoughts’ star put a stop to it, switching off her feed.

It seems that DJ Khaled was so not willing to welcome such behavior on his platform.

In the now-viral video, he is heard saying:

I can’t…I have a family, but I got love. I have love for everyone please take it easy when I’m on fan luv IG love. Again I have love for everyone please let’s be respectful nothing but love BLESS UP!

With almost the whole world practicing self-isolation, more people are spending more time on social media and doing almost anything to get noticed.

The Coronavirus pandemic has birthed various Instagram live shows including the likes of Club Covid where women twerk for a chance to win some prize money.

Xtian copied the idea for the show from Canadian rapper Tory Lanez who was the first to bring on this type of entertainment to social media users through his ‘Quarantine Radio’ show.