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Dulafe Valery expressed disappointment in Stanley Enow’s My way remix. see Stanley’s reply

Jan 16, 2020 ,
Dulafe Valery expressed disappointment in Stanley Enow's My way remix. see Stanley's reply

Popular MC and Radio host Dulafe Valery Tata has expressed dissatisfaction in Stanley Enow’s my way remix featuring Tanzanian Diamond Platiniumz and Ivorian Ariel Sheney

According to Dulafe, Stanley Enow should not be blindfolded by the skyrocketing youtube views on the video that was shared on diamond platiniumz’s 2.9Million followers Youtube channel

Read his view below

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Who else thinks Stanley just wasted a collabo?
Brother, let me holla at you. Don’t let the views fool you or don’t come here preaching SUPPORT your own nonsense. This collabo I will tell you is a waste. The original version is far way super dope than this remix of a thing in every aspect. Now bringing in international artistes is good but my brother the truth is if you can’t beat the original song WHY DO A COLLABO? what did DIAMOND bring into the song? Was he more the Locko? What did Ariel bring in? Was he more than Tzy? I think you should have exploited these guys in A NEW SONG. Why do a remix with THESAME number of people while the song IS ALREADY A SUCCESS? Damnnn bro. Same case with Mr Leo as he wasted a collabo with Flavor in Jamais Jamais remix.

My brother the video is not even close to the original video. Once again you have proven to me that we don’t need international artistes to blow. My way was your Biggest project after HEIN PERE but you brought down the standards bro. You have not yet understood that you don’t make glory when you try to collaborate with international stars (Ice Prince, Davido, AKA). Check the statistics…… Locko made you in BOUNCE and my way smacks asses. We love you bro but heyyyy your team should knock us off with mouth-watering projects. This ain’t you for real but heyyyyy what do I know? I am just a radio presenter.

According to him, Stanley Enow waisted My way just as Mr Leo waisted Jamais Jamais by featuring Nigerian Flavour on the remix.

Responding through his personal Facebook account, Stanley ( Stanley Enow ) used the review to invite Dulafe to host his concert come February 11th at Canal Olympia Douala. he wrote Hi Sir – with all due respect, it’s also very safe to stick to pushing good music and moves rather than trynna to seek for negative attention. 2020 is 20/20 you can’t grow by killing your shadow. If you are free, you are invited to host Sir Stanley ENOW’s live show scheduled for the 11th Feb 2020 in Douala. Love ❤️🇨🇲🇨🇮🇹🇿

thanks for reading Dulafe Valery expressed disappointment in Stanley Enow’s My way remix. see Stanley’s reply

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Stanley Enow My Way remix feat Diamond Platinumz and Ariel Sheney