Fai Collins apologizes to Nso people for sitting on a throne in his birthday photoshoot

Indomitable lions defender and a son of nso with the title of “mformi bor” (a football warrior) Fai Collins apologizes to Nso people for his birthday photoshot in which he sat on a throne a glory reserved only reserved only for the Fon (king) . According to him, this was just out of ignorance and the love for his culture.

His apology reads…

My dear Wirfon and Supporters,

Following the picture that appeared on my social media where I posed on a caved and decorated stool, my attention has been drawn to the cultural sacrilege that such a picture represents.

I wish to state that I took the picture out of love for my culture.

My ignorance led me to this mistake.

I therefore, plead for royal pardon and that of the cultural institutions that safeguard our culture.

I promise to remain the exceptional ambassador of Nso and to make all of you proud of our kingdom.

Mformeee Bor (Fai Collins)

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