Fecafoot: men lurking in the shadows want to settle their account with Samuel Eto’o :The revelation is from Dr. Jean Crépin Nyamsi, the former candidate for the presidency of Fecafoot.

Since Samuel Eto’o is president of Fecafoot, he has been criticized by some Cameroonians. “Men lurking in the shadows want to settle their account with the current tenant of Tsinga and put pressure on me to withdraw my support for Samuel Etoo. “, reveals Dr. Jean Crépin Nyamsi on his Facebook page.

Samuel Eto’o’s ally reaffirms his loyalty to the president of Fecafoot. “I, Jean Crépin Soter Nyamsi, remain and remain a loyal and unconditional support to President Samuel Eto’o. “, he says.

The former candidate for the presidency of Fecafoot recalls Samuel Eto’o was elected on the basis of a program that convinced more delegates. And “in case many no longer agree with his way of managing, please wait for the next election and you will have time to sanction Samuel Eto’o. “, he added.

Dr Jean Crépin Nyamsi refuses to participate in Samuel Eto’o’s demonization campaign. “Samuel Etoo will not be isolated and his death will not come from me. He has my unwavering support and I have confidence in the various choices he is currently making for the showcase of our football. Dear President Samuel Etoo, I know how you love your country and I know that your choices are for the well-being of Cameroonian football. “, he explains.