enjamin Didier Banlock has

Benjamin Didier Banlock who was appointed after the December 11, 2021, victory of Samuel Eto’o, has criticized the leadership of the new president, adding that the style will not promote the development of Fecafoot. It is important to note that Banlock has been on the spotlight over corruption accusations that had prompted his suspension.

Benjamin Didier Banlock was previously sacked by former President Seidou Mbombo Njoya, but when the Arbitration court asked Mr. Seidou to reinstate Didier Banlock in September 2021, the former refused to obey the court order.

His resignation letter reads

“I have reason to believe that Cameroonian Football will only regain its greatness if great men who carry great ideas, act with greatness in an environment that allows elevation and progress, in other words, the achievement of great purposes.
I still believe that this is possible, but the state of play of our management and our governance leads me to doubt it strongly from successive events and the various facts which multiply, and the news we see there is no doubt that the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) is not in phase with the project that brought you ( Samuel Eto’o )to the head of this federation. » can we read in his resignation letter’